In-Office Procedures

For our outpatient (in-office) procedures, such as pain management steroid injections, vein treatments and procedures, and interventional vascular/spine therapy you may be asked to fast Рnot eat or drink for a certain time Рand hold specific medications. Please never stop any medications without speaking with a nurse or provider before. If you have medications that need to be stopped, one of our nurses will reach out via telephone and give you proper instructions.

You may be asked to take certain medications prior to vein procedures – our nurses will also reach out and inform you they were sent to your pharmacy and will instruct you on how to take them.

Coastal Radiology has a caring and knowledgeable team if professionals available to you to answer any and all questions you may have! There are also helpful links throughout the website to answer any questions you might have as well – or if you just want to learn a bit more. Listed below are a couple of websites that are common procedures we do!

Joint Injections (hip, shoulder, thumb, etc.)

VenaSeal Procedure

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections

If you still have questions, or questions specific to our practice, please never hesitate to call!